'Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest'



Im in one of those reflective moods again, i seem to be in them very often. Alhumdulillah, reflection is great as it makes you realise your purpose, blessings and helps one to regain focus.


Why are we here? What is our purpose? Are we really fulfilling our purpose? It's important to step back and think about this. Living in London, you get so caught up in London life, it is fast paced, it is busy, you always feel tired. All of this can really distract you from what matters, what really matters. Too often we become so consumed in our worlds and our little life that we just don't see anything else. This is a trap, we must see everything else going on around us, we must step back. If we dont we most certainly will not be fulfilling any purpose, we won't reach those goals and most importantly we will not feel content. I speak to so many people who have their own issues, worries and upset, i am blessed enough to have a big network consisting of people from all walks of life. Guess what stands out to me? So many people have some sort of a void, something missing, something that needs fulfilling. As humans we are always wanting more. Few realise that this void cannot be filled by being engrossed in the dunya (worldy life) but can only be filled by having faith. You could have everything in the world but without Allah you will always feel something is missing! 

 It isn't in this world, perfect your deen, and look foward to the rewards from Allah in jannah. Often we seek perfection in people, our jobs, careers, life and we always forget that this is not the final destination. We need to perfect our deen. So please let's not fall into this trap where we become so consumed seeking perfection in this world that we forget our purpose.

Count your blessings

 In the Quran Allah (swt) says 'if you could count the blessings of Allah never would you be able to count them'. We have so much good around us, but because we sometimes feel this void (due to not having a good enough connection with Allah) we ignore the blessings we have. Make a habit of having time to reflect and count all the blessings you have. I usually do this each night before i sleep, and Alhumdulillah it really helps me feel at ease. Allah promises that if we are grateful we will be given more. So always be thankful ❤️

Keep strengthening your relationship with your creator

To have a feeling of ease and contentment, before even strengthening relationships with our loved ones we need to strengthen it with THE ONE, the Almighty. This is when we will find peace, tranquility and feel content no matter what hardships we face. And remember Allah never burdens a soul with more than it can bare.  Just remember Allah has your back, so always have a strong relationship with the one who will have your back no matter happens.

Allah says walk to me and i will run towards you. This is just how merciful and great our LORD is, we just need to take a small step and Allah will help us do the rest. 

Anyway, this is something i felt would be beneficial to share. Make everything about Allah, and no matter what, you will feel safe and at ease. We all have difficulties, it's how you perceive them and what stance you take that makes the difference. Knowing and believing Allah will always do what is best for you will make you feel content. So if you feel something is missing, you feel empty or feel a void in life- turn to Allah. 

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  1. I don't think it is just London that you can get caught up with life.....these days life is so busy that you can just forget what is actually important and we start chasing worldly goods


    1. Indeed, you're right sis i think it is the case everywhere! We are living in a fast paced world, and its so easy to get sucked in!

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  3. This is a beautiful reminder! As a mother I find myself really wishing life would slow down a bit so I can remember all of the above even more.

  4. Such a lovely reminder. Indeed people are really busy in their lives these days and that's mainly because they are trying to attain the best lifestyle but while doing so they often forget about the other important things in life. Sigh!

    Fatima | www.blogsbyfa.com

  5. Reading through some post we get knowledge, power and zeal to do good...this is one such post...

  6. I love the point about filling the void - it's so true. It's such a deep and sometimes terrifying journey to look within and really reflect over your life. It was a great reminder :)

  7. Subhanallah.... We always talk about this - how life seems to get busier each day but it's only because we get consumed by our worldly affairs. Then we fall into overwhelm. But that's because our priorities are other than Allah.

    Indeed we need to turn to Allah and make Him our number 1 priority.

  8. Not just in London..Now a days life is too busy and everybody is in seek of worldly stuff.your post is a nice reminder ...

  9. Not just in London..Now a days life is too busy and everybody is in seek of worldly stuff.your post is a nice reminder ...

  10. Ahhh you speak my mind sister. Ive been having the same thoughts lately. Unfortunately Allah still comes last for us.
    And I dont think its just London life, the life in Auckland is pretty slow but still we manage to find other "important" stuff to prioritize
    Hina - www.hinasworld.com

  11. I think consistancy in strengthening your relationship is key! It keeps you remembering Allah.

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