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Zahra Rosea has 13k+ followers on instagram so one could definitely say she is in a very good position to inspire those who would like to start their journey to covering. As muslimahs we are constantly trying to improve ourselves and it can be so very hard for those who want to cover, and the 101 thoughts that enter your mind when making the decision to begin covering.  A lot of thoughts may enter your mind about wearing hijab e.g 'i won't look nice', 'i can't be fashionable with a hijab', 'people won't accept me', 'it isn't the norm in my environment or society to wear hijab', 'people at work will think i am weird', 'my wardrobe isn't modest enough to start wearing a hijab'. Well ladies, please stop thinking like this because hijab is a journey and it is done for the sake of Allah, so if you would like to start by wearing a hijab and slowly making your wardrobe more modest as you go along, what is wrong with that.

There are many inspirational ladies out there who you can take style ideas from on how to dress modestly. Of course, the overall aim is to please Allah, but a little helping hand can never be a bad thing! Zahra Rosea is one of the many hijabis who are here to show you that you can wear hijab and still be trendy at the same time. As long as you are fully covered there is nothing wrong with adding a bit of style to your look to ease you into to dressing modestly and from there things can only get better.

So without further ado here is my interview with Zahra who recently featured on Gap and was selected as the first winner to feature. That in itself is a great privilege, for a hijabi to be recognised as the first winner to feature on gap is something to be proud of. It highlights that the world is opening up more and more to the notion of hijab and this will only make it easier for those who want to cover but don't have the courage to take the plunge. Anything to help someone feel more comfortable wearing a hijab is something to celebrate. Zahra explains why she put herself out there and what her future goals are. Read below;

What made you submit your picture to Gap? 

I decided a very long time ago that as Muslim women and as a consumer of fashion we are very poorly represented in the fashion world, media and industry. I thought it would be a step in the right direction to have a Muslim within a media campaign, I think it's also a significant step for the industry to readily identify that we too are part of their consumer base and deserve to be included.

When did u start wearing hijab? 

I began wearing hijab when I was around fourteen years old. In all honesty it wasn't a step I really thought about since we were raised in a very un-multicultural part of the U.K where my family and I were the only permanent Muslim family in town.

What made you wear it? 

We had just spent that whole summer in Dubai and wore the hijab when we were out there and back to the airport in the UK. When we landed, my younger sister Asma was actually the first one to make the decision to continue wearing it. I decided I wasn't going to allow her to struggle alone and so I too began wearing it.I knew it would be difficult being the only teenager in the whole of our town wearing it, but with both our support to each other we decided it would be something attainable.

What would you describe your style as? 

I would decide be my style as muted power dressing. I love structured silhouettes, pointed pumps, clean crisp lines and shirts

What are your future goals? 

In terms of goals for hijabis as a whole I would love for us all to be included and recognised as a consumer market by fashion brands. 

As for myself, I am establishing and developing my own modest clothing brand, I would love for that to become global inshallah.

What or who is your style inspiration? 

I love Victoria Beckham, Celine & Coco Chanel. A mixture of all of the above!

I would like to thank Zahra for taking time out of her busy schedule to do this interview, and i hope this can help those of you who want to cover to come one step closer to making that decision and putting on the hijab. Hijab is beautiful, and anything that is done solely to please your creator will only bring you good things. Start your journey and remember true beauty comes from within and will shine out. Don't say to your self 'one day i will wear it' because that one day may never come, be spontaneous and just go for it. Zahra did, and has no regrets. We are all on a journey and continuously trying to improve- may we all be the best we can for our Creator.

Zahra Rosea can be found on Instagram ; 

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  1. Thank you for this post, sister! Indeed inspirational and beneficial not only for Hijabis to be....

  2. I have to add something. There was recently a big rumour about D&G abbayas and I think we all know the dicussions going on in France at the moment (not only there...ok). In the meanwhile, nobody cares about that especially in the US a big market for modest fashion is existing serving the needs of Jewish and Christian women (inclusive head covers). Nobody complains about it, all the hype turns around the hijab. I also think that hijab and being stylish is not a contradiction. I see that many non-covered women buying here in Turkey in the stores for modest fashion too. One day inshAllah, nobody will care about Hijabis as a special target group. You just enter a store and find whatever you need. Young designers with a fresh approach can contribute to such a development. Its design and quality what counts in the end.

  3. Oh had not heard of the sister before. Thanks for sharing. Nothing wrong with having a bit of style with your hijab but sometimes people can compromise the modesty aspect to be fashionable.

  4. I like the way she expressed her dressing style, "muted power dressing" The word 'mute' echoes modesty and shows the difference.


  5. Glad to know that the Muslim hijabi women are being featured by international brands. It was lovely reading about Zahra. Even I started the hijab when I was living in Dubai.

  6. hands Crossed, my mind is wondering about the latest video I have seen about the Hijabi,

    May Allah protect us all,
    Well Sis Zohra surely are sending the waves of inspiration to all.

  7. She is such an inspiration to the ladies confused as to whether or not they should start wearing a hijab.
    One thing we should also know is the term "hijab" doesnt not refer to a piece of cloth we use to cover our hair but our dressing the way we talk walk everything has to has to be done modestly

  8. I hadn't heard of Zahra before - your interview is a great introduction. I think it's important to recognise that we may all choose to dress differently and whether right or wrong, it's important to respect each other in those decisions and encourage each other where we can.

  9. I've been living in a place where everyone wears hijab, but when I studied in a different country where hijabis are very rare. It was a challenge but alhamdulillah I kept wearing hijab and never felt unprotected.

    Zahra and her sister Asma are amazing for keeping their hijab. May Allah bless them. Haven't heard of Zahra before but following her after reading this. She's inspirational for those who are struggling to wear hijab.

    And, it's amazing how she is featured on an international brand. Hoping that more brands consider Muslims as part of the global market.


  10. Thank you for introducing us to Zahra. She's got a beautiful sense of style. And it's good to see it being recognised by a brand like Gap too.

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  12. Good one.But I would like to clarify something.As Muslimahs should we really have to go after these high end fashions. Cant we use the resources like time and money we spend on these luxuries for some other causes. Especially in this world of crisis there are endless things we can do from our part.Most of us sisters and brothers suffering we have better things to do with these resources instead. And Is there a need to represent ourselves in this materialistic world to prove ourselves among those who live for this world alone.Should we prove ourselves in the fashion industry and in the media? Wont the immense taqwa and our love for Allah and his messenger enough for us to cover up. And I believe Hijab is not just covering your head .It represents modesty which means a head sacrf alone doesnt describe a hijab. A hijab doen not define a scarf on head with the bosoms and other parts of body revealed with skin tight clothing, which is what the new modern hijabi fashionistas are spreading around.Islam guides you to simplicity, it does not teach on spending on high end fashions neither it asks us to strive to represent islam in the materialistic world in such a way.Islam teaches clothes are to cover up our bodies not to reveal our beauty or to show off how fashionable we can be. Islam has more depth than that. It has more meaning than these silly wordly matters.
    If these brands or fashionistas are so keen on promoting muslimah clothes why dont they cater to the original forms of modest clothing as quran describes it to be.We must be aware of the secret agendas that the non muslim world is setting up to lead the muslim world.I fear our ummah falling into the hands of these people who create such things as hijabi fashion or whatever to mislead the youth. May Allah guide us all in the best of path and help us recognize the traps set by the non believers.....


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