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As everyone knows it was International Women's day yesterday! So i thought let me jump on the bandwagon and write a post to celebrate women. I just want to make one thing clear before i start, im not really into these 'days' where there is just one day dedicated to a group of people. I think everyday is your day, therefore for me everyday is womens day, and why not? We are pretty amazing, multi talented, determined beings aren't we?! 

My religion, Islam, recognised the importance and value of women thousands of years ago! It took the rest of the world a while to catch up didnt it? And yes in Islam a woman is important and special every single day. The Prophet (sallahu alayhi wasalam- peace be upon him) expressed this importance on many occasions, particularly in his final sermon, which is meaningful and beloved to us all. He said ' i urge you to treat women well'. This man was the finest of gentleman, thousands of years ago, when all over the world (including the 'western world') women were seen as second class citizens, he treated women with the upmost respect. I could write all day about how my heart melts thinking about our Prophet (saw) but i will leave it here. I could never do justice to this amazing man in any piece i write as there are some things which are too beautiful to put into words, no words can do justice.

I recently wrote an article about how we are not traditionally submissive as women and quite the opposite and cited some role models in islamic history that us ladies look upto. Well today i am going to highlight 5 modern day Muslim women who make me proud to be a woman. They have achieved so much, and they deserve a special mention in light of international womens day.

1.  My mother- yes really, my mother does make me proud to be a woman. Not only has she raised a family but she has done this along with working full time. She is one of those women who are NOT ONLY housewives but are working women as well, they run their house as a woman should and they also go out to work and bring money home. She is a hard worker, she never shudders any responsibility and is always there on hand to support the family, immediate and extended. She is a star, hardworking, and dedicated. She has to deal with me and my brother after all, which isn't always easy, so i commend my mother- a modern day muslim woman who i am so very proud of and aspire to be like.

2. Yasmin Mogahed

Yasmin Mogahed is an internationally published journalist who gives lectures on islam all over the world. She is known worldwide for her writing, lectures and radio shows. One of her most famous books is called 'reclaim your heart' - this book is an amazing uplifter, imaan booster and something that helps you deal with heartache and difficult situations.

Yasmin has a way of captivating her audience and help them see things through a more islamic perspective.

Yasmin is Al Maghrib Insitutes first female instructor. Her name is a name known WORLDWIDE, and anyone who has read her writing or attended her lectures will feel spiritually uplifted. I know i did.

This woman has the ability to relate all situations in life and used these to strengthen ones relationship with their creator.  A woman who turns all hardships into strength through seeking solace with her creator.

A modern day muslim woman who is determined, successful and able to have a positive effect on so many.

3. Dalia Mogahed

Dalia is an American scholar of Egyptian origin. This woman has so many achievements on her list that it would take a long time to write them all out. She is a strong, successful and a modern day muslim woman. Dalia is the Director of Research at the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding in Washington, she is also the CEO of Mogahed Consulting. Dalia was selected as an advisor by U.S president Barack Obama on the Whitehouse Office of Faith-based and Neighbourhood partnerships.

Dalia is also a board member and leader for several organisations, including World Economic Forum's Global Agenda Council on the Arab world.

Dalia was NAMED one of the top 500 most INFLUENTIAL muslims in 2009 and 2010.

This is a successful woman who we should all be proud of, she has achieved so much in her life and is still continuing.

4. Nawal El Moutawakel

Nawal made history in 1984 when she became not only the first African woman to WIN a gold medal in the Olympics but also the first Muslim woman to win. She won the 400m hurdles race.

When people think of muslim women, they tend to think they are oppressed and unable to pursue their dreams, this is due to the medias portrayal of muslim women. Well Nawal is here to prove to you that that is all nonsense, she had a dream and she pursued and she won that gold medal. It was rare for muslim women to enter the olympics, let alone win a gold medal. Nawal did both and became the first African and Muslim female to do this.

A modern day muslim woman who did not give into stereotypes and remained determine to pursue her goal and aspirations.

5. Ibtihaj Muhammad

Would you ever have imagined a muslim woman to take her turn in fencing? Well Ibtihaj Muhammed has made this a reality! She is the first female Muslim American fencer in the WORLD. Not only is she the first female muslim fencer in the world, she has also been name one of the BEST female fencers in the world.

Ibtihaj also won an award as one of the TOP 10 Muslim women of 2015.

Ibtihaj pursued her goals, even though muslim female fencing was unseen of- she did it! And not only that but she succeeded and has become renowned worldwide for her talent and determination. Hats off to her! An inspiration, she went against conventions and norms.

There are probably so many more amazing muslim women out there who we are proud of, the women who pursued their goals and became successful.  These are some of our role models and i felt they should be commended, celebrated and highlighted for their amazing achievements. I hope this can show those who stereotype female muslims that we are not what you think we are, we are so much better, powerful and strong. We have dreams and we achieve them and do not let stereotypes deter us. Women are multi taskers and the above proves it :)

Here's to celebrating women all day everyday, we do not need one day in a year to tell us how great we are. You know why? Because we know we are great and we celebrate our success every single day.

I'll end this post with a request for all you fellow ladies out there, there are many amazing women out there who are struggling and going through some hardship or another - lets raise our hands a say a prayer for all these women. Whererever you are, whoever you are and whatever your hardship is, you are in my duas (prayers). May Allah (God) remove all your hardships and provide for you ease. Ameen ❤️

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  1. What a lovely post dedicated to women, and some very inspirational women you have chosen!

  2. What a lovely post dedicated to women, and some very inspirational women you have chosen!

  3. It's good to know that writers are now writing about women and highlighting their achievements. It was a good read! Happy Women's Day to you too! :-)

  4. I really don't understand the hype about women's day, when we are already blessed with the best to be provided. Lovely list of ladies, I especially love Sister Yasmin Mogahed... her words have helped me overcome my pain and improved my eemaan, Alhamdulillah... :)

  5. The point of making a "day" is to spread Awareness towards that thing,and to let people work on ideas to share during that day. But as years past and people do the same thing, they forget the point. And since there is a day for every day! Makes it.. Well kinda tacky!

    Gigi |¤ https://bmobshelldrawer.wordpress.com/

  6. sure sofia, everyday is Women's Day, Aameen to your Dua,
    JAzakAllah for the list of these great ladies,
    Convey my Salaam to your mother.

  7. Good point, sister! Excellent role models as well, mashaAllah.

  8. You are proof that your mom did an amazing job mA. I'd be thrilled if my daughter put me a #1 in a list <3. Lovely write up mA, these are all definitely noteworthy women.

  9. I wish everyone could see the true Islam ... By the way you should watch Ibtihaj's interview on the ellen show ! I was literally fan girling lol

  10. I agree that women are great and should celebrate success every single day.

    Masha Allah that your Mama made the top of the list. Every mother deserves it. May Allah (swt) bless our mothers.

  11. You have put great women on the spotlight indeed. I'm with you. We don't need a day to celebrate when I also believe every day is Women's day! Great post :) x

  12. I agree I don't always get in with these days either but a fab post with some really inspirational women

  13. In such a misogynistic world it's so easy to forget just how important women are! Thank you for showing us just how amazing we are :)


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